Redento Raffinato vases; our signature piece!

“Redento Raffinato” means “redeemed elegance.” This our our signature piece made from broken pieces of glass. The broken scraps of glass represent us. The glassblower represents the redeeming work of Jesus. And the finished product, “Redento Raffinato,” represents you and me.


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Pendant Lights 

Handcrafted lamps, beautiful pendants and simple shades to beautifully light your favorite spaces.

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Bowls & Platters 

Gorgeous glass bowls and platters perfect for center pieces, candy dishes and much more!

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Seasonal Glass 

Handblown Glass to celebrate the seasons of Christmas, Thanksgiving and fall.

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Our sculptural glass works of art designed with our clients needs in mind!

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Sculptures & Awards 

The perfect piece to celebrate or show your appreciation!

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Cremations & Memorial Keepsakes 

Beautiful memorial glass art.

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