Why a glass blowing studio and restaurant together? 

For centuries, the glass blowing capital of the world has been Murano, Italy. We thought it was a natural fit to combine Italian food with Italian art.

Who blows the glass?

Chris and Micah McGahan are the lead glass blowers. They are a father and son team. Chris is the dad, Micah is the son.

When do you blow glass? 

Typically we blow glass 5 or 6 days a week.  We make it a high priority to be blowing glass every Friday night and Saturday night during the evening rush.  Monday – Thursday it varies according to scheduled events and personal considerations.

How come you don’t blow glass all the time? 

Blowing glass, like many other things, requires a lot of tasks in preparation that is part of the process but is behind the scenes. Things like “charging the furnace”, fabricating metal work for hanging the glass, cold-working, working on and fixing equipment, installing what we have blown, meeting with clients, and occasionally taking a day off. Sometimes in the summer, it’s just plain too hot to blow glass!

Can I come into the studio and watch? 

Most anytime we are blowing glass, the big front doors will be open and we encourage people to come in and watch. At these times there is no charge for the entertainment. The exception to that could be if a group had already scheduled an event in the studio and they wanted it to be a private event.

Tell me about your “events.”

Imagine this, it’s your anniversary and you want to take that special someone for an evening out like no other. You call ahead and reserve a time slot and decide what custom piece of glass you want blown in front of you and your spouse for the gift. On the day appointed, you arrive at Italian Jim’s restaurant and are escorted to your table, you order a nice steak, and enjoy your dinner. At the reserved time, you rise from your table and both of you are escorted to the glass studio here at the restaurant. There, you are greeted by the glass blowers who then begin to create the wonderful work of art right in front of your eyes. A day or two later, after the piece has “annealed” and been cold-worked (if needed), you come back and pick up your anniversary gift. Sitting in a prominent place in the home or office, you not only have a wonderful memory, you have had a great meal in a very unique environment that doesn’t exist anywhere else in the United States. You also have something tangible that you or that special person can keep forever to remind yourselves of that special day in your lives! We can also arrange for photos of the event and/or an edited video of the blowing of the piece of glass put on a DVD so that when people came over and saw the beautiful work of art and inquired about it, you could say, “oh yes, would you like to see how they did that?” Think also: Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, Birthdays, Special Occasions, Awards, etc.

What if I want a group to come? 

We have an event we call the “Complete Italian Experience.”  This event consists of a meal and a glass blowing demonstration for the group. Call or come by and schedule an event and decide on a date, time, and menu. For the complete Italian Experience, prices start at $25 a head and go up depending on the meal. We’ve had schools, church groups, Sunday school classes, car clubs, groups of friends and many more.

What if I wanted to schedule a group to come in and watch the glassblowing only?

Call the restaurant and ask to speak to our host or hostess.  We’d be happy to answer any questions you might have and help you schedule your event. Prices start at $15 a head for a scheduled event.

I see lots of other art in the building. Whose art is that? 

It’s from different people and changes from time to time. As of this writing, Jack Melton, Joy Richardson, and Micah’s wife, Christi is featured. Primarily the blown glass is from Chris and/or Micah McGahan. Janusz Pozniak is represented and occasionally other glass artists may be featured.

How hot is the furnace? 

The furnace is about 2100 degrees. The Glory Holes operate at about 2200 degrees.

Has anybody ever told you to “not inhale?”

Yes, I think if I hear that again, I’m going to have to wrap my head in duct tape to keep it from exploding. Just kidding… A little bit… it does get annoying. ;-)

Is the glass for sale? 

Yes, we would love for you to purchase our glass and yes even the pendant lights are for sale!

Can I meet with Chris and discuss commissioning a custom piece?

Yes, call the restaurant and ask to speak with Chris or Micah.  If they are not available, leave your name and number and Chris or Micah will do their best to get back with you as soon as they can.

Can you do large installations?

Yes, not only do we do small orders but also installations in corporate buildings and small and large homes.

I saw the glass in the gallery area in the hallway, but what about the other glass that’s placed as decorations all over the restaurant. 

It too is for sale. You like it, it can be yours!

What about the other artwork? 

It all is for sale. The artists would love for you to purchase their work!

How do I find out prices of the glass and the other artwork?

Pieces are constantly changing and we do our best to keep prices by the art.  If you don’t see a price, we are happy for you to ask any of the staff to get a price for you.

Is there anywhere else that carries your glass? 

Yes, right across the street in the Dean-Lively Gallery, Dodson’s Galleries in Nichols Hills, and Paseo Originals Art Gallery in the Paseo.

Who in the world is Ross Hill?

Oh, I see you’ve actually read the menu in the pizza section. He’s just a guy that can’t count pepperonis. Check him out at http://www.rossahill.com.